1. Preparation of a Complex Report for assessment of the compliance of the investment project with the requirements to the constructions, provided in art. 169, para 1, para 2 of the Spatial Development Act and the requirements of art. 142, para 5 and para 6, item 2 of the Spatial Development Act and assistance for coordination of the investment project with all operating companies.

The assessment shall provide for compliance with:

The provisions of the general and detailed urban plan;
Rules and regulations for spatial planning;
Mutual coherence between the parts of the project;
The completeness and structural compliance of engineering calculations;

The essential requirements for construction works for:
– bearing capacity, stability and durability of the building structures and the ground base under operational and seismic loads;

– fire safety on the construction site;

– protection of the health and life of people and their property.

Requirements of entered into force administrative acts, which depending on the type and size of construction are a necessary condition for permitting construction under the Environmental Protection Act, Biological Diversity Act, Cultural Heritage Act or other special law, as well as reflection of the measures and conditions of these acts in the draft.
Requirements for construction, safe operation and technical supervision of high-risk facilities, if any;

2. Exercise of construction supervision during the execution of the construction and installation works on the site, according to art. 168 of the Spatial Development Act, in connection with art. 169, art. 169a of the Spatial Development Act.

The company’s responsibility includes:

– Legitimate start of construction;
– Carrying out control over the completeness and proper drafting of acts and protocols during construction, related to documenting circumstances such as: transfer and acceptance of the construction site and determining the construction line and level of construction, certifies the construction order book and notifies in writing in 7 – one day from the certification of the municipality, the specialized control bodies and RDNSK, documents construction and installation works subject to closure, intermediate and final acts for acceptance and delivery of construction and installation works and others, which are certified by experts exercising construction supervision;

Execution of the construction according to the approved projects;
Quality of the used construction materials and products and their compliance with the safety norms and the Ordinance on essential requirements for construction products;
Control over compliance with the requirements for healthy and safe working conditions in construction;

Preventing damage to third parties and property as a result of construction;
Attendance, acceptance and proper implementation of construction and installation works – experts for each part of the investment project, visit the construction site inspect and control measurements of construction and installation works to establish their compliance with the approved design and construction permit;
Signing of a Finding Act, form 15 under Article 176, paragraph 1 of the Spatial Development Act;

3. Approval of investment projects and issuance of a Permit for placement of movable objects and advertising elements according to art. 56 and 57 of the Spatial Development Act.

4. Approval of investment projects and issuance of a Building Permit for reconstruction and reconstruction, extension and superstructure of residential and non-residential sites.

5. Revalidation of building permits.

6. Approval of investment projects for change during the construction in the scope of the significant deviations and their entry in the issued Construction Permit.

7. Preparation and completion of documents for issuing a Certificate of Tolerance.
Preparation of a Final Report for submission to the DNC / NAG for appointment of an Admissions Committee and issuance of a Permit for Use / RES.
Protection of the environment during the construction;

8. Preparation of Technical Passport, according to Ordinance №5 / 28.12.2006. for the technical passports of the constructions and certification by the regional municipality.

9. Preparation of an Energy Certificate for the design energy characteristics of the construction, according to the requirements of Ordinance №16-1594 / 13.11.2013. for certification and assessment of energy savings of buildings.

10. Assistance in obtaining opinions from the specialized state control bodies and operating enterprises for putting the site into operation, concluding final contracts for connection, organizing the performance of electrical measurements / zero phase circuit, grounding measurement, grounding measurement, lightning protection measurement and others /, aerodynamic measurements of the ventilation installations, measurement of the parameters of the working environment,
obtaining acts for initial technical inspection of facilities with increased degree of danger, provided that there are such in the construction, organizing a survey and registration in the cadastre office with the issuance of a certificate under Article 52, paragraph 5 and paragraph 4, paragraph .1, item 4 of the TFP of CPRA.